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China’s auto parts development

As an important part of the automobile industry, the auto parts industry was once subject to the influence of the planned economic system. It was basically limited to providing various supporting parts for the production of complete vehicles. With the rapid development of the domestic economy since the 1980s, foreign capital Enterprises and technologies have been introduced one after another, and the national consumption power has been continuously enhanced. The auto parts industry has also undergone tremendous changes.

1. Foreign capital and introduction and market competition: Since the reform and opening up, a large number of foreign-funded enterprises have entered the Chinese auto parts market, which not only helped the auto parts industry to greatly improve its overall scale, production capacity and technology level, but also created competitive pressure on domestic enterprises. To promote domestic companies to continuously improve themselves in quality, technology, marketing and other aspects.

2. Gradually integrate into global procurement: With the continuous development and maturity of the auto parts industry in the domestic market, domestic enterprises are gradually providing complementary products to domestic automakers while exporting to overseas markets. The volume has grown steadily.

3. Increase in the proportion of service packages: While the production and sales of automobiles continue to increase, the demand for vehicle maintenance is gradually expanding. Therefore, while the production enterprises are supporting, the demand for auto parts in the after-sales maintenance market will gradually expand. Benefiting from the continuous advancement of science and technology and the importance of environmental protection, the automotive industry continues to show new development directions under the influence of policies, technologies and consumer demand, and the auto parts industry continues to show new development trends. .

4. New energy vehicles: Since the 20th century, the research and development of new energy vehicles has been carried out in many large automobile companies. With the significance of energy conservation and emission reduction, new ideas have been gained after entering the 21st century. In recent years, automobiles have gained new development opportunities. The sales of pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles in various markets around the world have gradually increased, and the construction of supporting infrastructure such as charging piles has gradually improved. For auto parts companies, as the market share of new energy vehicles gradually increases, car batteries, motors, control systems, etc. will bring new market space.

5, car lightweight: In addition to new energy vehicles, because the weight reduction can significantly reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles, so car lightweight is also one of the lakes in the automotive industry under the background of energy saving and emission reduction. Recently, the focus of lightweight vehicles is focused on the optimization of body structure and lightweight materials. For enterprises producing automobile chassis, body parts, engines and other parts, the lightweight research results will be sustainable for the future growth of the company. Has a more important value.

6.Intelligent: In recent years, new technologies emerging in the fields of smart phones and smart home appliances have gradually entered the daily life of consumers. As a result, smart cars and unmanned driving have become hot areas in the automotive industry in recent years. Under the influence of this trend, human-computer interaction, in-vehicle entertainment systems, communication systems, etc. are expected to become the new darling of the auto parts industry, and will usher in new development opportunities in the next few years with the recovery of domestic manufacturing in 2016 and automobiles. The growth rate of industry production and sales rebounded, and the auto parts industry also ushered in a rebound. The output growth rate of some products showed a different degree of convergence than the previous year. Among them, the output of rubber tires reached 94.7 billion, which was up to 2.4% year-on-year; the engine output was 2,601,000 kW, which was 11.2% year-on-year.

Post time: Apr-23-2023