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Do you know the “eyes” of the car, the knowledge of the lamps?

Every day we look at the car, we know that there are headlights and taillights behind the car, as well as fog lights, etc. These lamps are not only beautifully decorated, but also provide enough light for our nighttime travel, just like the eyes in the car night. “The existence of the general, of course, the role of the lights is not only simple at night, but also warning others and other functions. How much do we know about this part of the car that is frequently used but easily overlooked? Let’s discuss the car about the lamps.

Let’s first take a look at the functional uses of the various body lights.

1. Double headlights in front of the car. This should be the brightest pair of eyes in the car. We mainly rely on him to provide light at night. So the first thing is to make sure his brightness is enough. In the past, more vehicles used halogen lamps, but in recent years more and more vehicles have been equipped with xenon lamps, which are characterized by higher brightness and longer service life. And the light source is similar to sunlight, and the protection effect on the human eye is also very good.

2. Double rear lights at the rear of the car. The pair of lights at the rear of the car are not intended to drive the car, mainly in the case of deceleration, braking, etc., to warn the rear vehicles, remind them to slow down, far from the rear. Most of the current models use LED taillights, and the effect is naturally better.

3. The fog lights of the car. Fog lights are actually used at a lower frequency and are generally used in special weather such as rain and fog. In these less visible weathers, the range, distance, and penetration of other lights in the vehicle are limited. The fog lights have strong penetrating power, which not only provides effective lighting, but also allows others to discover your vehicle early and avoid accidents. Although the penetration effect of the current xenon lamp has also increased a lot, it is still not as obvious as the fog lamp. Now some vehicles have been removed from the fog lights after the reduction, Xiaobian thinks this is a very unreliable approach.

4. The lights when the vehicle is reversing. Everyone knows that the lighting effect of the headlights before the night is good, but when it comes to reversing at night, it will be awkward, the lights at the rear of the car are weak, and it does not have a good lighting effect, so some drivers added this. A rear light that provides brighter light.

After learning about these commonly used fixtures, we are talking about the sometimes failure of the lights. After the vehicle has been in use for a period of time, a situation may occur in which the brightness of a certain light is getting weaker or weaker, or it is completely unlit. What is going on here? This kind of gradual weakening of the lights can be delayed at regular intervals. There are several possibilities. First, the battery provided by the car is not enough. If the power is not enough, the brightness will be weakened, and the battery can be replaced in time. Second, the lines connected to the car lamps are aging or rusted, and the resistance increases the current is weak. Third, the cover of the car bulb has stains, dust or oil will weaken the light, and it will be cleaned in time. When the lights are not bright, it is obviously burned out, so you can change them quickly.

Finally, let’s talk about some routine maintenance items for car lamps. The first is to maintain according to the principle of various lamps on the car. For example, when maintaining a light control lamp, pay attention to the process of his sensitivity change and the delay time of the automatic timer. Generally we have to adjust this delay to the maximum. After the lamp is damaged, it is best to replace the same type of product in time to avoid affecting the use effect. Usually pay attention to whether the cover of the lamp is damaged or damaged, and the base of the crack is replaced. If the moisture enters after the damage, the bulb will be damaged. It is worth noting that the lighting direction of the lighting should also be adjusted. The proper lighting direction can achieve good results. The light is not only trapped by the line of sight, but also the pedestrians of other vehicles. There are also many owners who like to modify the lights. It may be cool to look at the more powerful and brighter lights, but it will increase the burden on the body circuit system and cause problems. It also poses a threat to the safety of others. It is best not to change it at will.

In short, the car’s luminaires are the pair of “eyes” of the vehicle, providing sufficient visibility for the safe driving o

Post time: Apr-23-2023