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The role of hot runners in plastic mold design

Warm runners are already indispensable in injection molding. As far as plastic processors are concerned, the right way to select the warm runners for the right products and to master the warm runners is the key to their benefit from the warm runners.

The warm runner (HRS) is also called the hot water outlet, which turns the solidified nozzle into a molten nozzle. Its composition is relatively simple, mainly including the manifold, the hot nozzle, the temperature controller and the like. In the meantime, the splitter plate can be divided into a shape, an X shape, a Y shape, a T shape, a mouth shape and other special shapes according to the shape; the hot nozzle can be divided into a large nozzle, a tip nozzle and a needle valve nozzle according to the shape; the temperature controller is temperature controlled The method can be divided into watch core type, plug-in type and computer centralized control type.

In the injection molding process, the warm runner works in cooperation with the mold and plays a very important role. For example, in the injection molding of ultra-thin parts (such as mobile phone battery cover), it is easy to produce high-precision, high-quality products through the use of warm runners; for the injection molding materials with poor fluidity (such as LCP), through the use of warm current The road can significantly improve the fluidity of the material and ensure the smooth production of injection molding. For some large injection molded parts, such as the bumper and door panel of the car, the rear cover of the TV, the air conditioner casing, etc., the use of the warm runner makes the injection molding difficult. It has to be relatively simple.

In multi-cavity mold injection molding, the lack of a warm runner can not be formed at all. It can be said that the warm runner is the best technology to ensure the balance of the runner. Due to the shearing force of the plastic in the flow channel, no matter how reasonable the geometric balance of the mold, the product component formed is difficult to be consistent, especially for the mold with multi-cavity, if the warm runner is not used, it is formed. The outside of the product will be lighter than the inside.

As far as plastics processors are concerned, it is quite economical to use warm runners as long as there is a certain amount of injection molding. This is because the warm runners help companies eliminate nozzles during injection molding. In most cases, the nozzle cannot be reused. Sometimes, the weight of the nozzle is almost the same as the weight of the product. If the traditional nozzle injection method is used, it means that the material wasted as much as the product used. Based on this calculation, after using the warm runner, it can save 30% to 50% of the material. In addition, the warm runner also helps to reduce the wear of the mold and extend the life of the mold. Under normal conditions, the service life of the warm runner mold is twice that of the thin nozzle mold.

Although the composition of the warm runner is relatively simple, each component plays an important role. In general, good quality warm runners have high requirements for structural planning and documentation. For the first warm-up flow channel, the selected heaters and temperature-sensing lines are all imported from South Korea. All the steels used are imported from Japan. These are prerequisites for ensuring the quality of the warm runners.

In addition, the warm runner supplier needs to help customers plan and install a suitable warm runner system based on the customer’s plastic products and the condition of the molds used. Xianrui has experienced warm runner experts from South Korea who can plan a reasonable solution based on the customer’s product condition to ensure that the warm runner system can exert maximum power in injection molding.

Post time: Apr-23-2023