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High-Quality Auto Bumper Injection Mould for Precise Manufacturing

Short Description:

The front and rear ends of the car are equipped with bumpers, which not only have decorative functions, but also are safety devices that absorb and mitigate external impact forces, protect the body and protect the body and occupant safety functions.

Product Detail

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Mold parameters

Product name auto Bumper injection mould
Product Material PP,PC,PS,PA6,POM,PE,PU,PVC,ABS,PMMA etc
Mould cavity L+R/1+1 etc
Mould life 500,000 times
Mould testing All of the moulds can be well tested before the shipments
Shaping Mode Plastic Injection Mould

Production workshop

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Packing and Delivery

Each mold will be packed in sea-worthy wooden box before delivery.

1.Check mould component

2.Cleaning mould cavity/core and spread slushing oil on the mould

3.Cleaning mould surface and spread slushing oil on the mould surface

4.Put into the wooden case

Usually molds will be shipped by sea. If in very urgent need, molds can be shipped by air.

Lead Time :30 days after receipt the deposit

Our services

Pre-sale service:

The good sale person for professional and promptly communication

In-sale service:

Our designer teams will support customer R&D,make the product and mould design as per customer request, do the modification and give the professional suggestion for improve the product. Update the mould process to customer

After-sale service:

Suggest the mould maintance,  if you have any issue in using our moulds, we provide the professional suggestions 

The role of car bumpers

The bumper has the functions of safety protection, decorating the vehicle and improving the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle. From the safety point of view, when a car has a low-speed collision accident, it can play a buffering role to protect the front and rear body; it can play a role in protecting pedestrians in the event of an accident with pedestrians. From the appearance, it is decorative and has become an important part of the decoration of the car. At the same time, the car bumper has a certain aerodynamic effect.

Development of car bumpers

Many years ago, the front and rear bumpers of the car were mainly made of metal materials, riveted or welded with the frame rails, and had a large gap with the body. It seems that an attached part looks very unattractive.

With the development of the automotive industry, car bumpers have also entered the path of innovation as an important safety device. In addition to maintaining the original protective function, the bumper produced by Zhejiang Yaxin Mould has to pursue harmony and unity with the shape of the car body, and pursue its own lightweight.

About us

The company has established a sound production management system and quality management system, which has laid a solid foundation for the company's talent introduction. Then the company adheres to the concept of “specialization, precision and strength”, doing professional things with professional people, and constantly innovating and perfecting based on professional management system. 

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