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Drive-through tail lights injection mould

Short Description:

Taillight product material ABS or PC + ABS, usually need to be plated with aluminum. Most of the products of taillight housing are complicated in structure. There are usually multiple reflective bowls on the front. It needs aluminum plating, which requires high requirements. There are mounting points on the reverse side, sealing ribs and features. More and more, resulting in more tail mold shell mold inserts, most of the features can not be achieved by normal demoulding, slider, internal pumping, inclined top and other mechanical mechanisms are widely used.

Product Detail

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Mold parameters

Product name Drive-through tail lights injection mould
Product Material PP,PC,PS,PA6,POM,PE,PU,PVC,ABS,PMMA etc
Mould cavity L+R/1+1 etc
Mould life 500,000 times
Mould testing All of the moulds can be well tested before the shipments
Shaping Mode Plastic Injection Mould

Production workshop

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Packing and Delivery

Packing details:The mould stared to pack with wooden case after the final sample confirmed,then the mould will be sent to port and waiting for shipping.

Delivery:The delivery lead time would be 15 days after payment.

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1.Quick Reply: Committed to provide you with detailed quotation description and product information in a short time; promise to customize the products you requested in a short time.

2.Quality products and prices: Our company purchases a large number of raw materials through factory procurement, which reduces the cost of the company, guarantees high quality and low price, and directly benefits the advantages brought by the scale effect of our company.

3, caring service: the company has a good after-sales service, if the product has any problems, we can provide technical support.

The role of the car taillights

1. The role of the position light can make other people can judge your car width at a distance in the evening.

2. Remind the vehicles behind and avoid rear-end collisions.

3, for emergency lights, when the car encounters an emergency, such as trailers, trailers, anchors on the road.

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